SunCoast RHIO

Suncoast RHIO is a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) that provides health information transfer and technology interoperability solutions. Suncoast RHIO serves three distinct audiences, although sometimes there is some overlap. Our first audience is the medical provider community which includes hospitals, doctors and caregivers. The second audience is consumers of health services who have an interest in their personal health information. The reason consumers are not th primary audience is that the tools still do not exist for individuals to obtain their own personal health information. That is going to change over time as medicine is moving towards person-centric health records. Third category is RHIO users is payers. Suncoast RHIO is a virtual organization. That means that users can access their information local to where they are. 

For care providers SunCoast RHIO gives the ability to report and view quality information. The second product we give is the ability to respond to audits electronically through our certified gateways. We also provide consulting services. SunCoast RHIO transmits quality measures in the form of Physician Quality Reporting System PQRS), now named the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and for Hospital Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM’s). It utilizes DIRECT for encrypted communications and CONNECT for audit response.  As a Quality Payment Program (QPP) Registry, Suncoast will use hosted Open EMR as a relay for customers with other EMRS consuming their quality metrics to Suncoast; have Suncoast add measures not supported by the native electronic medical record (EMR); and pass them on to CMS.

For consumers, we give them information on doctor's quality scores, how to compare them to other doctors, how to compare to hospitals. Costs of procedures, prices, comparative, and how to find the best doctors.

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