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Savvy New Players Expected To Shake Up Healthcare

Susan D. Hall | Fierce Health IT | April 15, 2014

Innovative companies drawing from ideas that transformed the retail, technology and telecommunications sectors are poised to siphon off tens of billions of dollars from traditional healthcare's $2.8 trillion in revenue, according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers's Health Research Institute.  

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So Much Data-Gathering, So Little Doctoring

Michael P. Jones | Los Angeles Times | November 24, 2013

The electronic medical record is the latest wrench the healthcare industry has thrown in the way of doctors just listening to their patients. Read More »

Some Doctors Refusing To Adopt Electronic Records

Tim Darragh | The Morning Call | May 5, 2013

Under a plan first endorsed by President George W. Bush and signed into law by President Obama, the health care industry in the United States has started to change one of the signature elements in doctor's offices — switching chicken-scratched hand-written notes and records to electronic forms. Read More »

Study Highlights Rise In US Healthcare Costs Since 1980

Nicole Freeman | EHR Intelligence | November 20, 2013

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) highlights important healthcare trends in the United States over the last three decades. The study, entitled “The anatomy of health care in the United States,” used publicly available data related to funding, patients, healthcare providers, and health outcomes. Read More »

TEDMED Tuesdays: U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park

Cameron Young | Nurture | August 21, 2012

Todd Park is HHS’s Chief Technology Officer, a post he has held since August 2009. In this role, his mission is to be a change agent and “entrepreneur-in-residence,” helping HHS harness the power of data, technology, and innovation to improve the health of the nation. Read More »

Telehealth And The Intimacy Envelope

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | October 15, 2012

“Three years ago,” Roy Schoenberg said, “we were the crazy ones.” Crazy, that is, for saying that technology could “redistribute health care,” and bring patients closer to their doctors, wherever they may be, geographically-speaking, Schoenberg, MD, MPH, president and CEO of American Well Systems added. Read More »

The Impact of Open Source in the Healthcare Industry in 2014

Luis Ibáñez | | December 26, 2014

Healthcare is one of the most urgent socioeconomic issues of our time. This year, saw a variety of news and feature stories about applying the open source way and open source software (including tools) to alleviating the many problems faced by the healthcare industry. Here are this year's best of the best from in open health.

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The risks and rewards of IoT in healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the industries of the world by storm, and the healthcare sector is no exception. With 101 million IoT devices worldwide, the healthcare industry is becoming more connected by the day, and this figure is expected to increase by over 62% by 2020. As is always the case with new technology, the growing presence of IoT in the healthcare industry poses several threats to both patients and providers - but do the rewards outweigh the risks? Firstly, let's explore some of the key benefits that IOT can bring to healthcare:

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The Tragedy Of Roger Baker

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | February 19, 2013

Roger Baker's decision to leave the Veterans Affairs Department is, on reflection, a tragedy. Read More »

TPP Treaty Could be a Serious Threat to US Public Health System

While trade agreements may seem to be another, albeit international species of wonkery, these agreements could have major effects on patients' and the public's health.  Since these concerns have been essentially ignored by the US medical and health care literature, (although they have appeared in UK journals, Australian, and New Zealand journals in English), they I will discuss them below. Worthy of further discussion is the possibility that these potential threats to health care and public health may arise not just from ideological disagreements, but also from health care corporations' increasing capture of government, facilitated by the conflicts of interest generated by the revolving door. Read More »

Unintentional Benefits Of Open Access: The Broader Impact Of Making Publications Free

Atif Kukaswadia | | December 10, 2012

[...] But now we’ve moved into a world where everything is done electronically. Through the power of PubMed, Google Scholar and numerous others, you can obtain PDFs of many articles via your institution. And now, many of those articles are available under Open Access rules – so anyone can access them, regardless of academic affiliation. [...] Read More »

Using Open Source PDF Technology to Solve the Unstructured Data Problem in Healthcare

If there’s one major challenge to single out in healthcare IT today, it would be leveraging the growth and usage of big data. While consumer IT made big advances in the past decade to get a handle of data by marking up content, indexing it, and annotating it for use, enterprise, and healthcare IT in particular, still need to catch up on making data actionable...This article provides insights into how using the Portable Document Format (PDF) and accompanying tools within healthcare organizations can be a powerful way to help solve the unstructured data challenge, speed up processes, and reduce the costs for document handling.

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VA Awards Systems Made Simple Re-Compete Of T4 Veterans Services Network (VETSNET) Development And Maintenance Support Contract

Press Release | Systems Made Simple, Lockheed Martin | December 30, 2014

Systems Made announced it has been awarded the re-compete of the Veterans Services Network (VETSNET) Development and Maintenance Support contract under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Transformation Twenty-one Total Technology (T4) contract vehicle.

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Want To Make A Lot Of Money In Healthcare? Don’t Become A Doctor.

Abby Norman | BHM Healthcare Solutions | May 29, 2014

This week the New York Times ran an article about the top earners in healthcare- and perhaps a surprise to none, doctors did not top that list: administrators did...


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What Consolidation Means For EHR, Health IT Interoperability

Gary Palgon | EHR Intelligence | December 5, 2013

The transformation of the healthcare industry is not unlike a puzzle — with pieces constantly moved until the right “fit” is found. A recent report shows a slight decline in the acquisition of hospitals by each other but a steady increase in health system acquisition of services such as home care, medical group, and rehab services. [...] Read More »