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Planning and Assessment of Mobile Phone Use: Effective SMS in Cambodia from World Vision UK

Joshua Pepall | FrontlineSMS | July 19, 2012

Assessing whether to use SMS is even more important than figuring out how to do it, as Joshua Pepall, World Vision’s United Kingdom Senior Accountability Advisor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reports in a special guest blog post. Read More »

Protestor Tech: Apps In The Hands Of Revolutionaries

Karsten Strauss | Forbes | February 25, 2014

The modern-day protestor and revolutionary needs more than just a helmet, throwing-stones and heart filled with righteous passion. These days technology offers invaluable tools to those speaking out against oppressive regimes. Read More »

Providers 'Grappling' With Mobile Plans

Mike Miliard | Healthcare IT News | May 14, 2014

Everybody uses mobile devices, but no one is still quite sure how to make the most of them. That, to varying degrees of more-or-lessness, is the upshot of the most recent HIMSS Analytics Mobile Technology Survey, which for the past three years has taken the pulse of an industry still coming to terms with the benefits and risks of mobile technology...

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Q&A With Todd Park, U.S. CTO

Alicia Stein | Mr. Midmarket CIO | August 2, 2012

Federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park has a vision for changing the way American citizens interact with technology. We had an opportunity to discuss those initiatives with Park, who was appointed Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2009. Read More »

Qbase Mobile Application Wins DoD/VA iEHR Award

Press Release | Qbase | October 10, 2013

Qbase Homeless REACH achieves more recognition; app helps caregivers for nation’s homeless access local services, resources. Read More »

Qbase Wins Department Of Veterans Affairs “Project REACH" Challenge

Press Release | Qbase | April 24, 2013

Qbase LLC, a leading provider of information technology services, business intelligence solutions, and geographic search technologies, is pleased to announce that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has selected the Qbase Homeless REACH mobile application as the winner of their Project REACH [...] initiative. Read More »

Rapid Prototyping And Tech Stewards: Reflections On Recent Field Work

Gordon Gow | FrontlineCloud | October 1, 2013

Having made some excellent contacts during our recent meetings and workshops in Sri Lanka, the project team now needs to consider how those will translate into pilot projects using low cost ICTs. Read More »

Reach For Your Pocket: Nicaraguans Turn To Their Phones For Reproductive Health

Chloe Lew | National Geographic | June 19, 2013

Access to the Internet is something often taken for granted in the Western world. For many of us it’s a handy way to share our thoughts and lives over social media [...]. For many people in the developing world the Internet promises much more, if only they had access to it. Read More »

Real-Time Location And Mobile Health Solutions Gain Traction, Show ROI

Michael F. Arrigo | Government Health IT | February 20, 2013

According to a recent presentation at a Stanford Business forum, healthcare Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) is an emerging market equaling $325 million worldwide, with an addressable market that is larger... Read More »

Rep. Peters Introduces Health Savings Through Technology Act

Press Release | Congressman Scott Peters | November 21, 2013

Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) introduced H.R. 3577, the ‘Health Savings Through Technology Act,’ which advocates for a smarter way to deliver health care in the United States – through the increased use of wireless technologies – to help bend the health care cost curve. [...] Read More »

Rubinstein On HP's Purchase Of Palm: 'Talk About A Waste'

Phil Goldstein | FierceWireless | June 11, 2013

As part of a forthcoming feature FierceWireless will produce that catches up with former top wireless executives, FierceWireless Editor Phil Goldstein spoke with Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm and a former executive at Apple, about what he's doing these days [...]. Read More »

Samsung's New Weapon Against Apple: Its Own Developer Conference

Mark Spoonauer | Fox News | July 22, 2013

Samsung hopes to woo developers away from Apple right in its backyard. Read More »

Searching For Finland's Education Entrepreneurs

Tony Wan | edSurge | August 27, 2013

What's to solve when your education system is supposedly perfect? Last week, Annie Murphy Paul’s review of Amanda Ripley’s book, The Smartest Kids in the World, began with Ripley’s quote: “If you want the American dream, go to Finland.” It just so happened that I was there last week for a CICERO conference on digital learning...In addition to grokking with academics, I had another quest in mind: are there edtech entrepreneurs in Finland? And if so, what problems in this seemingly idyllic education environment are they trying to solve? Read More »

Should Samsung Ditch Android?

Shane O'Neill | InformationWeek | October 23, 2013

Mobile analysts debate whether Samsung should free itself from Android and use its homemade OS, Tizen. Read More »

Silicon Valley, Meet Innovation From Great Rift Valley

Steve Hamm | ReadWrite | February 11, 2013

Across Africa, an innovation culture is starting to emerge. In Kenya, PesaPal piggybacks on the popular M-PESA mobile payments service, enabling Kenyans to buy and sell on the Internet. Tanzania's Techno Brain is selling software for managing businesses in 13 countries. And South Africa's Cobi Interactive... is developing popular applications for smart phones. Read More »