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GPSoC Vendors Taking Steps In The Right Direction….

Rob Dyke | The openGPSoC Project | January 19, 2013

EHI are reporting that Microtest and TPP have signed up to the MIG/Healthcare Gateway project, joining EMIS, INPS and Adastra in enabling the sharing of data between healthcare professionals. Good to see that all five vendors can play nicely together to improve data exchanges in the healthcare information economy. Read More »

Green Light For £260 Million Technology Fund To Make The NHS Safer

Staff Writer | NHS England | May 22, 2013

Doctors and nurses are to get better information about patients so people get safer care thanks to a new £260 million NHS technology fund, announced by NHS England today. Read More »

HANDI support For Apps

Chris Thorne | E-Health Insider | May 31, 2012

A Healthcare App Network for Development and Innovation has been set up by developers, clinicians, and others with an interest in developing health and care apps. Read More »

HANDI Update – Three Months Old Today

Ewan Davis | HANDI | June 21, 2012

HANDI has just completed three initial launch events and is three months old today so this seem a good time to update you on progress and future plans. We have now got just under 550 people registered with HANDI of which about 210 attended one of our workshops. Read More »

Headline Sponsors Harris Healthcare To Show How To Achieve Better Outcomes Through Value-Based Healthcare

Press Release | Harris Healthcare | September 18, 2012

Headline sponsors Harris Healthcare, will highlight the critical role of technology in providing value-based healthcare at this year's Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology EXPO at Olympia, London. Read More »

Health Care Modernization On Track, Acquisition Chief Says

Jim Garamone | U.S. Department of Defense | June 26, 2014

A multi-billion dollar acquisition to modernize DoD’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and improve interoperability of healthcare information between the Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs is on track, the Program Executive Officer for the Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization and Integrated Electronic Health Records program said today...

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Health Committee: Hidden Trial Data Should Be Opened Up

Maeve McClenaghan | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BiJ) | January 16, 2013

The pharmaceutical industry should introduce a new code of practice, ensuring negative trial data cannot be hidden, according to the government’s Health Committee. Read More »

Health Records Of Every NHS Patient To Be Shared In Vast Database

Sarah Knapton | The Telegraph | January 10, 2014

The health records of everyone in the NHS will be pooled in a vast database which can be accessed by researchers and pharmaceutical companies. But campaigners warn it could breach privacy. Read More »

Heart A-Hack

Lis Evensted | E-Health Insider | January 28, 2013

A group of clinicians and developers won NHS Hack Day Oxford with an open source electronic patient record for cardiologists. Read More »

How Cyber Hardening Can Protect Patient Privacy And Treatment

The abundance of internet-connected devices that collect and share patient data has greatly increased the “attack surface” (where an attacker inserts or extracts data) and number of possible vulnerabilities within a system. Now that medical devices can connect to home-based routers, public Wi-Fi or cellular networks to relay data to hospitals, specialists, and care providers. In addition, the software in those devices lacks cybersecurity and can be updated and reprogrammed remotely. Thus, sensitive patient information is even more prone to data breaches, and the safety of the devices can be compromised. Recent supply chain compromises, and the migration of health applications and platforms to the cloud, also add to the threat equation. This article looks at why the medical community is so vulnerable and suggests how it can better protect life-saving equipment and sensitive data from unprecedented cyberattacks.

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How Scrutiny Of Freely Available Data Might Save The NHS Money

Staff Writer | The Economist | December 8, 2012

This week Britons were reminded yet again of the strains on the government’s finances. But another resource—data—is in abundant supply. Like governments in many other countries, Britain’s is turning more and more of its trove of information into “open data”... Read More »

How Text Messages Can Eradicate Waiting Times [United Kingdom]

Tom Whicher | The Guardian | April 16, 2014

An automated text messaging system can save time for staff and makes access to appointments easier for patients...

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How To Ensure New IT Systems In Healthcare Are A Success

Sarah Johnson | The Guardian | October 15, 2014

Sponsored Q&A: Expert views from our live discussion on implementing IT systems...

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HP Plans Open Source Offer For NHS

Lis Evenstad | eHealth Insider | December 5, 2013

Hewlett Packard is planning to provide a full electronic patient record system on the open source framework being developed by NHS England. Read More »

HSCIC To Support Open Source

Lis Evenstad | eHealth Insider | October 29, 2013

The Health and Social Care Information Centre will extend its support for NHS organisations and providers using open source, open interfaces and cloud technology to increase integration across health and social care. Read More »