Tony McCormick

Tony McCormick has worked in various health IT care related activities for the last 30 years, including Medical Practices, Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and charity clinics.

He his a member of the steering committee and integrator of LibreHealth which was created in 2016 by the prior developers of OpenEMR and OpenMRS. The LibreHealth platform consists of an open-source EHR, a radiology platform and an open application programming interface (API). The LibreHealth project is supported by the Software Freedom Conservancy, a 501c3 organization.

He is the Chief Technology Officer and President of Medical Information Integration, LLC (MI-squared). in Oregon and Technical Director of Vircon Solutions, Ltd, in Ireland. Projects include work designing and developing data collection systems for the health care industry using open source based solutions. 

MI-squared continues to support OpenEMR electronic health record implementations at the same time is working with the LibreHealth project. He is currently involved in a project to use LibreHealth for EHR education as described in this article. MI-squared provides web hosting of the LibreHealth Educational EHR. Multiple clinics can be created under one facility installation.

McCormick is a regular speaker at open source and ACO conferences as well as a author/contributor to RedHat's