eDoctor, Inc. Announces e-Prescribing Integration Service for OpenEMR Vendors

Press Release | eDoctor, Inc. | December 31, 2011

eDoctor, Inc., an innovative provider of Healthcare IT solutions, now offers Surescripts-certified Newcrop electronic prescribing for OpenEMR vendors seeking to integrate safe, easy e-Prescribing within their OpenEMR. Available through an exclusive partnership with Newcrop, eDoctor’s e-Prescribing meets and exceeds all Medicare MIPPA requirements for federal e-Prescribing incentives; through use of a Newcrop engine, eDoctor’s e-Prescribing software meets the original OpenEMR Meaningful Use certification criteria for "additional required software.” eDoctor’s e-Prescribing is an ideal solution for OpenEMR providers seeking a state-of-the-art electronic prescribing solution that is easily integrated within the OpenEMR to meet Meaningful Use criteria.

“eDoctor’s e-Prescribing is the best choice for OpenEMR vendors who need a Newcrop-powered e-Prescribing solution,” said Se Kang, President of eDoctor. “Secure, easy e-Prescribing is a necessary component for Meaningful Use incentives.”

The OpenEMR 4.1, a Meaningful Use-certified Ambulatory EMR developed by a team of physicians and programmers, requires additional software to meet Meaningful Use Stage One regulations. One of these software components is Newcrop e-Prescribing, available through eDoctor’s suite of Healthcare IT services, which easily integrates within the vendor’s OpenEMR system. Another component offered by eDoctor is the Integrated Laboratory Computerized Order and Entry System, a major Meaningful Use criterion which also integrates conveniently within the OpenEMR 4.1. Vendors offering the OpenEMR 4.1 must integrate these systems, and others, within the EMR to qualify for significant Medicare incentives. Providing affordable integration with a low cost per month per physician, eDoctor is the leading integrator for OpenEMR solutions; integrating eDoctor’s e-Prescribing and Laboratory CPOE is an effective decision for vendors seeking to offer clients an easy-to-use and affordable solution.

eDoctor, Inc. is a premier Health IT firm passionate about simplifying patient care through technology and exceptional service. We provide electronic prescribing, a Meaningful Use-certified electronic medical record system, and an exciting and innovative patient management system to doctors who wish to participate in Medicare incentive programs. Our clients are part of the growing Healthcare IT modernization movement to enhance office workflow and increase both patient safety and satisfaction. eDoctor proudly services over 3,500 healthcare providers across 36 states in a range of medical fields.