ClinCapture For Advanced Open-Source EDC

March 6, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This webinar will demonstrate how open­-source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems offer the same level of features as proprietary solutions without the high license fees, allowing for up to 47% cost savings on a clinical study.

Clinovo developed ClinCapture, the most advanced open-­source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. The system is recognized for its ease-of-use, ensuring faster data entry, a shorter learning curve and reduced human errors. In addition, the system was proven to be highly flexible and easy to integrate with your eClinical systems and data sources.

"I was amazed to see how easy the new release of ClinCapture was to use. I already thought ClinCapture was a great open-source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, but this new release is absolutely fantastic", explains Mark Niederauer, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer at EO2 Concepts.

Marc Desgrousilliers, CTO at Clinovo and presenter for this webinar, will showcase how open-source technologies are particularly suited for early and late stage clinical trials, offering an innovative solution to reduce overall cost. This webinar will include a live demo of ClinCapture, introducing new best in-class features such as one-click access, LiveReports and ePro integration.