Oldies But Goodies: Seven Projects Still Rocking Open Source

Dave Gruber | Open Source Delivers | October 2, 2012

We all get excited about the latest hot open source projects like CloudStack and Boot to Gecko — they’re new and exciting and the possibilities seem endless.  But what about the many long-running projects that have been core to the world of open source for decades? The ones that have truly stood the test of time?

With Ohloh tracking the majority of the world’s projects, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of these projects, not because I’m suggesting that you should stop everything and focus exclusively on them, but rather, to pay homage to the road down which FOSS has traveled, and to recognize that these projects are alive and STILL active after all these years. And as some projects move or fork and fade from view, many of these projects have a continuing stream of contributions, remain very popular and widely adopted, and stay on top of the world of software development today. Lets have a look!