Big Data 2013: Industry Players’ Forecasts

Andrew Brust | ZDNet | December 19, 2012

Summary: Big Data companies share their predictions for 2013, and I offer a few of my own.

There’s no shortage of year-ahead predictions in the tech industry. This is especially true in the Big Data world, but I’ve had little desire to write a post around any one Big Data company’s predictions. As it turns out, however, a number of companies in the space sent me their opinions on what’s going to happen next year.  So I thought a roundup of some of these Big Data 2013 predictions, along my opinions of them, might be fun.

Let’s start with Hadoop itself.  As the poster child Big Data technology, you won’t be surprised to learn that a number of companies offered a series of predictions focused exclusively on it.  John Schroeder, CEO of MapR, predicts that "hardware will become optimized for use with Hadoop" and Mike Hoskins, CTO at Pervasive Software, says that "demand for enterprise-friendly Hadoop will reach a fever pitch." ...