3 Ways DoD And VA Are Accelerating Patient Data Exchange Via iEHR

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | February 6, 2013

Whereas the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are working toward a joint iEHR that would, come 2017, wrap all patient data into a single record accessible to clinicians in both departments, DoD Secretary Leon Panetta and VA’s Secretary Eric Shinseki pushed their staffs to accelerate data exchange and interoperability where they can now, rather than waiting.

“What the Secretaries challenged us to do was find some high-value quick wins that would provide real value across the organizations ... and utilize those most critical data areas in a standard format,” said Roger Baker, VA CIO. “By early 2014 we will be able to exchange the most important medical information on every one of our patients between our organizations.”

Baker outlined three ways the departments are adjusting the project in a call with reporters Tuesday afternoon. Those major areas are...