MI-Squared Dev Talks: How To Develop And Submit Changes To The OpenEMR Project

Ken Chapple | MI-Squared | April 8, 2013

“I want to develop for the OpenEMR project, how do I get started?”

Perhaps you’re a motivated Doctor, or a generous open source contributor. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we welcome your participation in the OpenEMR project.

This MI-Squared “Dev Talk” is the first in a series of OpenEMR-related lessons, created by one of our senior developers, Ken Chappell. Ken will walk you through the entire life cycle of contributing a code change you develop to the OpenEMR  open source project. He starts out with setting up source control, and then shows how to deploy a developer OpenEMR instance, fix a defect, and submit a change to to open source community for review. Not only is it a great resource to help new OpenEMR developers, but also as a demonstration of how to get involved with almost any open source project!

You can view the code from this MI-Squared Dev Talk segment on Ken’s GitHub.com account at https://github.com/kchapple/openemr/tree/eligibility_batch. You can also see a transcript of the process below…