EMRs Can Boost Your Practice Productivity

Mike Jenkins | BuildYourEMR | August 26, 2013

In one of his recent blogs,  Rex Bowden mentions many EMR related concerns that doctors have with most of the popular electronic medical records systems (EMRs) available.  While Rex's post casts a very wide net, I am pleased to note that not every EMR on the market today fits his description.  My goal is to highlight some features available in the EMR marketplace today as long as the EMR buyer looks beyond the big 5 and explores the more nimble, innovative offerings. 

Well configured EMRs/EHRs are setup for daily use

Some vendors are offering a setup process where they spend time with the physicians and their staff to understand how their practice really works at a very detailed level.  Once this is clear, they reconfigure their solution to reproduce this current process.  They build out folders, forms, templates, and other related parts to recreate the paper (or electronic) experience as closely as possible.  This minimizes the change required to use the system, lowers the learning curve, and increases user comfort levels.  When done properly, this configuration recreates the same day-to-day experience the practice had before moving to the new product.