Chipotle Menu Now Practically 100 Percent GMO-Free

Jill Ettinger | Organic Authority | April 28, 2014

After disclosing last year on its website which of the Chipotle menu items contained genetically modified ingredients, the restaurant chain is making good on its promise to go GMO-free.

With a strong commitment to “food with integrity,” Chipotle Mexican Grill’s sustainability mission has long included supporting local growers and producers, as well as transparency about its ingredients. Now, avoiding genetically modified foods is factoring into that definition as well.

“To date we have eliminated virtually all of the G.M.O. ingredients in our food,” Ells recently told Food Business News. “Our corn and flour tortillas are the only foods we currently serve that are made using ingredients that contain or could contain trace amounts of G.M.O.s, and now we are testing new non-G.M.O. recipes for these tortillas and we hope to be able to roll them out by the end of the year.”