OSEHRA 2016 Summit to Address Range of Open Health Projects from Global Health IT to the Next Steps for VistA

Seong K. MunCan you believe that we are less than 2 weeks from the OSEHRA Summit?  We and the open source community have had an interesting year full of changes and success stories.  Our speakers will address all of these topics, including various aspects of VistA.  Many things have been said about VistA both publically and privately in the past couple of months, so I want to point your attention to our Summit’s approach.

On Wednesday we are dedicating a track to these issues called VistA at a Higher Tempo!  Visit summit.osehra.org to view the entire program and to register for our 5th annual event. 

Some program highlights are below:

June 27: Global Open Health Informatics Workshop

June 28, Morning Plenary Session: LaVerne H. Council

Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology & CIO, Office of Information and Technology, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs  

June 28 & 29: Nearly 60 Presentations on all aspects of the OSEHRA Community

June 29: VistA at a Higher Tempo!

Session 1: The Future State of VistA Townhall      

The concept of open source has been gradually integrated at many levels in the community. Adoption of community-certified MS Fileman 22.2 by VA and code convergence around Fileman has demonstrated effective community collaboration. This townhall will paint the picture for the future state.

Townhall Moderator: Mike Henderson, OSEHRA

Session 2: Vision and Strategy of eHMP Townhall

At the Summit, VA is releasing eHMP for the fresh, new look of VistA.  It will be a powerful engine to make VistA open, modular, flexible, and extendable—staying current with changing clinical needs. 

This session will begin with presentations by senior VHA leaders, followed by technical discussions of eHMP. The third segment will focus on the deployment of the community-facing testing and development environment for eHMP hosted by OSEHRA.

Session Chairs: Jonathan Nebeker, MD, VHA & David Waltman, VHA

Session 3: Closing Panel on Community Collaboration for the Future State of VistA

This panel of community members will discuss community activities to achieve the Future State of VistA at a greater tempo. 

A community-facing eHMP development and testing site hosted by OSEHRA is logical extension of maturing open source strategy for VistA. Innovations in the OSEHRA community will be compatible with VistA, based on the converged code of common core. This persistent community collaboration will greatly accelerate VistA innovation at the lowest possible cost.

Moderator: Mike O’Neill, OSEHRA Board of Directors

VA Panel Member:            John Short
VHA Panel Members:       Jonathan Nebeker, MD
                                         David Waltman

                    Community Panel             Fabian Lopez, DSS
                                                             Howard Hays, Apex Data Solutions
                                                             K.S. Bhaskar, FIS GT.M