Kubernetes Supports Container Management for HIT Infrastructure

Elizabeth O'Dowd | HIT Infrastructure | September 7, 2017

HIT infrastructure is rapidly adopting application containers. As the need for management solutions rises, Kubernetes is an attractive option, giving organizations more visibility and control.

Open source clouds, virtualization, and application management efforts are growing in healthcare as vendors are using tools that are meant to enhance deployment and management of applications. Kubernetes is one such tool that is becoming more popular in HIT infrastructure.

Kubernetes (K8s) is a “platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts," according to the official Kubernetes site. Originally designed by Google in 2014, Kubernetes was later donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to make the code open source and available to everyone.

Kubernetes is made up of a set of independent, composable control processes that continuously drive the current state towards the provided desired state. This tool also allows organizations to:

  • Deploy applications quickly and predictably
  • Scale applications on the fly
  • Roll out new features seamlessly
  • Limit hardware usage to required resources only...